Sorry guys! Things are changing again. Because of some extensive troubles with this blog's archiving, I've decided to start up a new blog: In Development. In the long term, I do feel that this decision is for the benefit of the readers. The new blogspot should have a better archive, meaning that not only can you read our most recent pearls of wisdom, but you can also read posts made not so recently. So, sorry for any inconveniences. Here's for a new and improved blogspot. See you around.


Welcome back Joey! Where on earth have you been? If it's the same place I've been [that's hell, not Egypt!], then, well, my sympathies. I'm thinking, however, that things have been, coursework aside, considerably better for yow than they have me. Well, things haven't been that bad. I've just been majorly busy with studies and have let most of my extra-curricular activities fall on the wayside, i.e. this very site. My only promise can be that in about one month's time I shall be free of all educational ties. Well, for a couple of months at least, before the next stage in my life. The Big U. Let's hope that's in reference to my move to Portsmouth, not something that I recieve in about mid-August. Ah! Exams! I sure know how to treat myself.

On the upside, I have been to the cinema to see some greats in the past couple of days. Joey and I, and a select few, went to see The Matrix and the great Psycho. All I can say is that my love for Cinema has been renewed. I have, of course, seen these movies before, but never had I seen them in their full cinematic glory. Magnificent. I'm not sure I'll ever have quite the same experience again. Hopefully, they'll be something a little similar though. I would go into all this a lot more, if I wasn't supposed to be in school right now revising Psychology. But I am supposed to be. So I won't. Besides, I've had enough 'audience response' in my Film Studies revision. Narg! REVISION! Possibly the eighth sin, or at least some form of purgatory.

Anyhoo. As I said, I best go. This was only meant to be a brief note to say that I am in fact still alive, just not kicking particular well. Give me a month, and I promise you things will change. See you around... hopefully.


Hello.... 'The Matrix' on the big screen... whoah. I now have my 'The Matrix Reloaded' ticket!!!! About time. Anyway.... longer entry to follow....